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We offer the highest quality tanning beds with factory tanning bulbs and quality skin care products. From low intensity tanning to high intensity and spray tanning our mission is to provide the best experience possible to our clients with the best products. 

November Promotions

Buy one month unlimited tanning get the second month 1/2 off. 

5 free tanning sessions with the purchase of 10.

10% Student & Military discount

Birthday special - Come visit us on your birthday and receive your age as a percentage off your entire purchase. 

Spray Tanning Tips.

The key to a long lasting spray on tan is correct skin preparation and after tan maintenance using products specifically formulated for spray tanning.

Before your tan session:

Exfoliate your skin while showering using a good exfoliating scrub and loufa. 

Exfoliation removes dry, dull or aged skin cells which will ensure your skin is most receptive to the tanning solution during application, and that your tan will fade evenly afterwards. 

We recommend if at home, that you exfoliate the day before your appointment to allow your skin’s natural oils to restore. 

Any hair removal treatments such as shaving, waxing or use of depilatory creams, should also be performed the day before your appointment to avoid skin sensitization. 

On the day of your appointment

Shower prior using a balanced skin wash. This will restore the pH balance of your skin to normal levels ensuring even color development of the tan. 

After showering, do not apply any products to your skin such as moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or make-up, as any product residue on the skin will hinder the end tanning result. 

Bring with you to your appointment; a brief dark colored bathing suit / underwear to wear during your appointment, or alternatively, we offer disposable underwear, so just inquire when booking. 

If you prefer no tan lines, feel free to tan in your birthday suit. Also to your appointment, please wear dark colored loose fitting clothes to ensure your tan doesn’t rub off onto your clothing when you redress. 

You will immediately notice a completely natural looking tan that will continue to develop over the next 1 to 4 hours.

For the next few hours it is important that you

• wear loose fitting clothing – tight clothes will rub off your tan and give you tan lines

• do not touch your tan or body– you will end up with tan on your hands and they will look over tanned

• stay in a cool climate so that you do not perspire excessively

• avoid any water, rain, swimming, sauna or spas,- any water on your body will create tan streaks

Once your tan has reached the color you desire, you can shower, normally between 1 to 4 hours

When showering do not be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off, this is part of the tanning process and your skin will continue to tan.

When showering we recommend that you use a gentle body wash rather than normal soaps which can be abrasive which in turn reduces the lifespan of your tan.

Allowing your tan to last longer

After showing moisturize twice a day to keep your tan looking its best.

You can use your own moisturizer or tan extender specifically designed to extend the natural looking life of your tan.

Now that your tan has been applied, you can reasonably expect it to last for up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and providing you follow the these instructions, where possible avoid:

• Long baths

• Hot spas

• Extended swimming sessions

• Any product that is designed to exfoliate your skin

Our difference & Testimonials

Our Difference

Mission statements – Our goal is to provide the most quality tanning experience to the Spokane community through above average client care and quality product we plan to deliver you the "Extra" in Extraordinary. 



Here is what consumers are saying about us! Best monthly specials in Spokane and excellent pricing in Spokane. 

" I absolutely love island globe! I head over on my lunches from work and all the staff is so nice and accommodating! It's so nice to have a relationship with all the girls and the prices are awesome too, they always have deals going on. Thank you guys for always being so awesome!" - Kassy Waggy

 "I don't go tanning very often, but I do like to try and build a base before summer strikes so that I don't get burnt. I hadn't been in since last spring--so when I wanted to tan again this spring, I found out that my $100 package that I had bought last year was no longer available because of the change in ownership. Huge gut blow and I was upset and frustrated at the same time. At that moment, I didn't know what to do as I hadn't planned on buying a new package. The staff was amazing in trying to win me back as a customer--I'm sure it wasn't easy to have to explain to me (and many others) about the previous owner filing bankruptcy. I was instantly happy.  Island Globe Tan is always having fun specials each month with many ways to get discounted packages. They are always so friendly and make a point to know each customer by name. Thank you for turning a bad situation into a good one--I'm hooked!"  Kara Lamb 

 "Island Globe Tan = Best Place To Tan!!! So thankful my sister recommended it to me when I needed to find a place to tan! The staff is wonderful & Crystal has created an awesome atmosphere to come tan! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to relax and enjoy their time"  - Yuli Foust

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